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Very nice flavor and very easy to put together. I had chicken in the freezer already chopped so this took no time at all.

A few changes I did make. I thought it needed a back ground flavor. See when I review a recipe I cut the recipe in half and make 2 batches. One as is and then I make my changes. Since this only make 5 cups, I had already planned on making 1 batch as written and then making a second batch for me.

For a back ground flavor, I added some onion and garlic and sauteed that first. Cumin, I did add more, but that is just a personal preference, it was good as is; I just really like the flavor. I felt there was too much chicken for the bean ratio, so I used more beans, but the same amount as stated. I also added some corn to my batch because I had some left and why not use it up. And I also used a squeeze of lime right at the end.

But, it is a very good soup, I just thought the flavor was just a bit flat for me; but the combination of flavors was very nice.

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SarasotaCook December 26, 2010

I like the suggestion of SarasotaCook to add sautéed garlic and onion. And beans go with corn. <br/>Using lime wants me to add cilantro too.<br/>I used a few more veggies, circles of leaks and a carrot.<br/>Next time I'll bread the chicken.<br/>But this recipe is a good starting point for lots of possible additions.

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Vernon LeCount January 04, 2015
Spicy Chipotle Black Bean, Chicken and Tomato Soup