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When I asked the family how many stars they thought this should get the answer all but one was 5 stars! The other? 500!!!! This is an easy to follow, gorgeous looking recipe! I used spicer nacho cheese tortilla chips! Fnatastic flavor! Most of the family dipped these in sour cream. Me? I went for garlic ranch dressing! The family asked me when I was going to make these again (and they never like anything close together, so I think ti say this was a HIT is a major understatement! Thanks Annelies for sharing this tasty recipe with us all.

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Michelle S. June 11, 2003

I was a little confused by the seasoned flour as you did not mention what kind of seasonings to use or I'm guessing they make seasoned flour. Since I didn't have any of that on hand I just added salt, pepper and a few dashes of red pepper. These certainly got nice and crunchy, easy to make.

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Catnip46 August 19, 2010

Awesome recipe! I've made similar ones before where you coat chicken in doritos or other chips, but this one is the best so far since you actually fried it in oil...the rest I've done were done in the oven and just didn't have that nice crunch that these had. These were really easy and tasty too! I'll be making these again, and it will be fun to experiment with the different flavors of Doritos that are out there. Thanks for posting!

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Shelby Jo June 27, 2010

Oh I loved this. I used some fresh chopped chives and minced some garlic along with some cayenne and black pepper - making my own personalized seasoned flour and I used a spicy cheese flavoured tortilla chips. I enjoyed these lots but a lot of the tortilla chips came off during the cooking process. Maybe I coated it to thick? Anyway, I fished out the tortilla pieces and put them on the plate anyway and dipped the fingers in fry sauce and put on some of those stray tortilla chip pieces in each bite. YUM! I think I will bake these next time just to keep all the chips on there. Thanks for sharing. Made for Pets'R'us Cook-a-thon - LiveStrong!

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Roxanne J.R. May 20, 2010

These were wonderful very chrispy and easy easy easy to prepare

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startnover March 03, 2006

I made this for the Photo Swap and must say, these were great, we really enjoyed them. I used chilli flavoured tortilla crisps, so I just used salt and pepper to flavour the flour. I served them with salsa and oven fries. Easy to make and really satisfying! Thanks for sharing. Hope you like the pic! ;)

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-Sylvie- March 16, 2005
Spicy Chicken Dippers