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A delicious recipe Pets. I love spicy food and hot food. I found that this recipe has a wonderful well-balanced mixture flavours. What we really liked was that the flavours went right into the bones of the chicken bones. My family seat at the table sucking on the bones and then they went back for seconds. This is a lovely aromatic tasty meal and it is very easy to prepare. Thank you for posting it for us Zaarians and I hope that this recipes attracts a lot of 5 stars because it deserves it.

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Chrissyo February 08, 2003

I've never made Indian or Moroccan cuisine before and have been wanting to try some. This turned out to be the perfect recipe to try. It was easy, ingredients were easy to find here, and the taste was subtle and not overpowering. The aroma in the house was unbelievably wonderful during the two hours it was in the oven. The meat was fall off the bone tender. DH (who insists he will never eat anything with curry powder - He,he,he...)pronounced it a five star. Thanks for this delicious recipe.

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PanNan January 19, 2003

This was another recipe that I have been meaning to make.Thanks to all the herbs and spices you sent me...I made it ! This was so good Annelies! The house smelled wonderful!! We both love spicy foods and this was just right . I made it with chicken thighs and served it with basmati rice and vegetables.

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** Poppy ** October 30, 2003

Really delicious! My only "problem" with this recipe is that PetsRus does NOT mention that you MUST have bread for the lovely, full-of-flavor "sauce"! We were scrambling to find bread because there was no way we were going to waste it! I cooked this in the oven for 1 1/2 hours, and the meat really did fall off the bone. Next time (and there will be a next time), I'm going to try chicken breasts, because I think the cooking method will keep the white meat moist and succulent. The spice combination was wonderful, even though I had to use powdered cardamom (1 1/2 t) and cinnamon (1 t). Very easy to prep and prepare, and the end result was delicious. Great recipe that we can't wait to make for friends!

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Lizzie-Babette June 15, 2003

What a wonderful dish! Despite the many spices, this was not overwhelming. I served this with a large green salad, and a side of garbanzo bean salad. I'll be making this again, thanks.

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Melany * June 11, 2003

Used 2 lbs boned chicken breast, doubled garlic & ginger, and opted for c. powder over g. masala. Added 4 chopped carrots before putting the lid on the crockpot! Cooked 3 hrs on high. Added 1 c. chopped, fresh spinach 1 hr before done. Had to add salt, but GORGEOUS! DH & I agreed on 5 stars & chicken didn't taste boiled to us (see above). Will make again. Thanks so much for sharing this.

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DoubletheGarlic April 16, 2004

This is amazing chicken. I used boneless, skinless thighs. Did a little googling and had to use a combo of cinnamon and nutmeg to sub for the cardamom(thought for sure I had some!). Everything else was by the book--browned the chicken, then removed and sauteed everything else. Added the chicken back to the pan, mixed it all together, added the stock, covered,and threw it all in the oven for 1 hour 30 minutes. PERFECT! It just comes apart with a fork, and is tender, juicy and flavorful. Served with jasmine rice and a veggie, it was to die for. Not something my young children wanted, but my husband and I LOVED it! He took leftovers to work today, and I'm sure the rest won't last much longer. Thanks for a great recipe Pets!

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ciao December 27, 2003

I had to get DH to cook this one. We didn't have cardomon pods and he didn't think to use the cardomon powder in the cupboard. I could smell it cooking while I was working in my office. Just about drove me crazy. Very good. Kids aren't big on eating curry but DH and I loved it. He used chicken thighs and cooked it in the oven. Served it with rice and broccoli as a veggie.

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heather in Ont, October 22, 2003

I think this is probably one of the best recipes I have EVER made in my entire life. My apartment smelled absolutely fabulous for the entire time this was in my oven. I dont eat chicken thighs or drumsticks, so I used halved breast pieces for this recipe. I didnt use whole breasts as I thought that the flavors would be better cutting them in half. WOW... It came out of the oven, and I swear I was looking through the glass lid of the pot I baked this in, and I was just in awe. I couldnt believe that I made it lol... it looked like something I would get at a high-end restaurant! When I took the lid off..my gosh, I was in heaven! All of the different ingredients made for such a perfect meal that smelled OUT OF THIS WORLD! I used 3 chilies, and boy oh boy, I must tell you that this was VERY hot and nice and spicy. I served this with a nice sized portion of basmati rice, and some flatbread as well. I will be making this many more times. I cant wait to have guests over so I can make this lovely meal for them. Annelies, you have made me one very happy woman, and my BF told me to make sure I said that this was DEELLLIIICCCIIIOOOOUUUUSSSS!!! Thanks again! YUMMMMMMMMM!!!

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love4culinary October 18, 2003

I did everything according to the recipe, with the exception of using 1 1/2 tsp. lemon peel for the lemon zest since I didn't have any fresh lemon on hand. I didn't care for this recipe at all. It was way too liquidy, and even after only 4 hours the chicken was so tender it was mushy, not very appetizing. I don't plan on making this recipe again.

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Sarah&Hannan June 12, 2007
Spicy Chicken