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Vergy good! I had no broccoli in so i subed with coloured sweet peppers and did add one chopped jalepino papper. The only thing I would do differently next time would be to add more ginger, the one teaspoon was not enought for our tastes. We loved the hoisen sauce , nice change for a stirfry. Served it over plain brown rice. Thanks for posting, I will make it again.

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Derf April 27, 2008

I'll echo the other reviews--this is very quick and easy and is quite tasty! The hoisin sauce is a nice change from soy-sauce based recipes (though I have to admit I added a splash of soy at the end!). Like other reviewers I added liquid (vegetable broth) when cooking the broccoli and again when mixing in the sauce, about 1/2 cup altogether. I used 1 t of the red pepper flakes and it was just the right level of spice, and this is coming from someone who LOVES spicy food. Thanks for a keeper recipe!

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smellyvegetarian February 07, 2008

I made this just as written and I loved it. I did have to add a little water to the skillet when cooking broccoli so it would not burn, but just enough to kind of steam it a little. I then added a little more water at the end with the oil/hoisin sauce to make it blend well with the chicken/veggies. I agree that this is an easy quick fix with lots of flavor

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annroberts54 October 06, 2007

A really tasty dish that takes very little time to prepare. A chorus of 'mmmmm''s followed the first mouthful, and everyone said we could have it again. Thanks, wife2abadge, full marks for a good recipe.

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Cathy Billingham September 10, 2007
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