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Quite good flavor, but I had a lot of trouble with this recipe. First, there was way too much wet mixture for the amount of dry ingredients. The mixture was very wet, more like muffin batter - certainly not something I could roll out and knead as directed. Rather than discard the excess wet (which was about half of the mixture), I added more flour. I was afraid to add too much, as I didn't want to toughen up the biscuits, but even after adding 1 1/2 cups extra, the mixture was just too wet to roll out. I instead treated these as drop biscuits and they turned out very nicely. Next time, I would try making these in muffin tins instead.

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HeatherFeather January 16, 2004

Made these using mashed sweet potatoes as suggested, and all other ingredients as stated. Delicious! I added wet to dry just until the dough followed the spatula around the bowl (there was about 1/2 cup of wet I didn't use). The dough kneaded and rolled out beautifully. Mine yielded 15 biscuits. Made these for DH to enjoy with soup for lunch - he loved 'em. Thanks so much for posting this recipe.

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Princess Pea April 10, 2006

I was really happy with these biscuits. I did not grow up eating squash, so never acquired a taste for it. I *want* to like squash, but until this recipe, I had not found a way to prepare it that I like. I also ended up making drop biscuits. Despite the warnings, I made my mixure too wet, and just decided to take the easy way out and do the drop biscuits. I also only lightly mashed the squash with a fork, so had some nice 'chunks' of squash in my biscuits, which I liked quite a lot.....I am on my way to becoming a squash-lover!! Thanks Rita.

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Ms*Bindy February 18, 2006
Spicy Butternut Squash or Pumpkin Biscuits With Pecans