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I almost want to give this 4 stars,.. but alas, the difficulty and time it took to actually make this soup was a lot more than the instructions state. Maybe if you use already cooked beans it would be as states... but as it is, using dried black beans it took me about 36 hours to soak the beans and cook them... <br/><br/>...I originally soaked them for 24 hours and then began the crock pot cooking of them. I checked back after the few hours as it states and they were nowhere near being done cooking. <br/><br/>Anyway, after realizing that the instructions are a bit off, I waited patiently... after about 10 full hours they were pretty much done (albeit I feel they even needed longer) and the taste was about a 4. Wasn't the best thing I've ever tasted and I had to add some of my own spices and such to take it to where I wanted. <br/><br/>Overall, I'd say it's a great healthy dish, but definitely not worth the time.

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Gary P. December 16, 2014
Spicy Black Bean Soup for the Crock Pot