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This is so simple and so good - I don't microwave but I dotted it with butter, sprinkled with cajun spice covered it with foil and baked in 375f oven for 15 minutes served with lemon wedges & Tartar sauce also had English Peas, African carrots & mashed potatoes. I used Chilean Sea Bass Great dinner thanks dienia bennett - lovely recipe Added comments: 13 Mar I made this recipe again just like the first time I served this to a very picky eater and she loved it. Normally eats half of what she is served and she ate the whole serving - Believe me this is a compliment Thanks again

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Bergy March 13, 2005

I had a lovely cut of cod in the freezer and this was a perfect way to use it. This is as promised, spicey, but not to strong. I used the over @375 for 12 mins and it came out beautiful, both to look at and to eat, I would certainly make this again.

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Annacia March 12, 2012

I followed other reviewers advice and baked my fish instead of microwaving. I am not a fan of the texture of cod when baked, so I used flounder. My son is a huge fan of Red Lobster, and I've had their flounder....this is 10 times better! As mentioned above, I baked for about 12 minutes at 375 covered with foil. Served with the butter drippings in a tiny bowl to enjoy with the fish. Yummy! A definite do again recipe....so quick, so easy, and very tasty!

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breezermom January 31, 2012

Ohmigosh! I'm a fish "newbie" and wanted a very simple/quick recipe for cod, and WOW, I cannot thank you enough for this recipe. YUM! I followed the reviewers below and baked at 375 for 15 mins, covered in foil (for fear of rubbery microfish), used Creole seasoning and butter, and it was absolutely wonderful. Thanks for a terrific recipe!

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mchavez3803 February 04, 2008

Ya, know what this isnt bad at all. I cant find a whiting recipe anywhere. (i didnt microwave it either, but yes it can be done) cooked it in the toasted oven w/ oil (didnt have butter) and cajun seasoning.. and its really good!! Kudos for the easiest fish dinner ive ever made! Stop by and check out a few of my recipes!!!

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MslucySky8 May 22, 2006
Spicy Baked Cod