Total Time
Prep 3 mins
Cook 3 mins

I had this in a restaurant I worked in. You can have it with just butter or spicy like I like. It's great with rice and it's fast.

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  1. Put piece of fish in a gratin dish; sprinkle with spice and dot with butter.
  2. Put plastic wrap over dish and microwave until fish is done (about 3 minutes in my microwave).
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This is so simple and so good - I don't microwave but I dotted it with butter, sprinkled with cajun spice covered it with foil and baked in 375f oven for 15 minutes served with lemon wedges & Tartar sauce also had English Peas, African carrots & mashed potatoes. I used Chilean Sea Bass Great dinner thanks dienia bennett - lovely recipe Added comments: 13 Mar I made this recipe again just like the first time I served this to a very picky eater and she loved it. Normally eats half of what she is served and she ate the whole serving - Believe me this is a compliment Thanks again

Bergy March 13, 2005

I had a lovely cut of cod in the freezer and this was a perfect way to use it. This is as promised, spicey, but not to strong. I used the over @375 for 12 mins and it came out beautiful, both to look at and to eat, I would certainly make this again.

Annacia March 12, 2012

I followed other reviewers advice and baked my fish instead of microwaving. I am not a fan of the texture of cod when baked, so I used flounder. My son is a huge fan of Red Lobster, and I've had their flounder....this is 10 times better! As mentioned above, I baked for about 12 minutes at 375 covered with foil. Served with the butter drippings in a tiny bowl to enjoy with the fish. Yummy! A definite do again quick, so easy, and very tasty!

breezermom January 31, 2012