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Yum!! This was REALLY good. Not a crumb left. My four year old kept getting pieces and taking them to people saying, "You have to try this!" Very good. don't change anything!!

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nanunanu March 22, 2004

I never made applesauce cake before so I thought I would try this one. I made it exactly as written and topped it with powdered sugar. I did not like it at all - nor did a handful of other relatives. I thought it tasted too bland and like flour. Sorry, but I won't make this again.

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Michigan-fan January 28, 2010

My family loves this cake. It was one of the few things my friend who was dying of breast cancer would eat. I made them into muffins so she could eat them in small servings that wouldn't overwhelm her delicate system. I make a homemade not dairy (using soy and rice ingredients) cinnamon vanilla frosting. It is about to become my holiday gift as mini loaves of spicy applesauce bread.

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mdviolin December 19, 2009

Taste: Not super sweet, but certainly sweet enough to enjoy -- think Nutrigrain-sweet. Icing is a good addition if it's the full cake form; I made carmel icing using dark brown sugar from a Banana cake recipe. However, I left the icing off the mini-muffins I made, and they made a great way to start the morning. Problem: First time I made the cake the middle didn't cook and i did lower the bake temp. So, I decided the second time to make cupcake/muffins -- both the little tiny ones and a few big ones. That worked much better. My grandparents loved it, and my Mum did too-- though she preferred the icing.

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k0r13 June 26, 2009

My baby decided he doesn't eat any baby food without meat, so I had jars of yummy fruit sauce on the counter. I made this cake, using fruit baby food for the applesauce. I planned not to add walnuts (don't like nuts in my baked goods), but my toddler interrupted me at the wrong time and I forgot to add the raisins. Two ways to improve what I made: #1 remember to add the raisins! and #2 make muffins instead. Following other comments, I baked it at 350 instead of 375. When the edges were done (and for some unknown reason my toothpick came out clean), the middle was barely changed. So muffin cups instead of 9x9 pan should be better. (I wonder if a fast bake at 425 would be better that a slow bake at 350? Several of my muffin recipes are 425.) The taste was more spice cake than applesauce cake (I wanted the latter), but I am likely to make this again if the baby doesn't start eating fruit and I want to use up the rest of those jars! Otherwise I'll probably stay with the Joy of Cooking applesauce cake. Oooh, except that has foods to which my baby's allergic ... so this is useful.

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nethope May 14, 2009

I had a jar of applesauce my family didn't like - it was natural and unsweetened but had tons of spices. So, I used it in this recipe and omitted all the spices entirely. It madea very nice and fragrant cake. Unfortunately, I failed to note that others commented that an oven temperture of 375 was a bitr too hot. My cake burned on top and was a bit soft inside. Next time, I'll cook it in a slower over. Mirj, you might want to change the directions in this recipe given that 3 of us had difficulty.

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Marsha Mazz December 18, 2008

I made this cake using an all purpose gluten free flour with great results! I added a splash of vanilla and a bit of salt. I omitted the raisins and added extra nuts. I cooked this cake @350F like a previous reviewer suggested. It turned out delicious! I added a cinnamon glaze because it was my birthday cake. It was sweet, moist, spicy and...well, just perfect!

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Heather'sKitchen August 22, 2008

Simply delicious. I put the chopped nuts on top which gave the cake a nice appearance as well as a crunchy top.

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Va. March 25, 2008

I made this for a recent family gathering and everyone was amazed to find out this was a vegan cake. I'm glad I managed to show them that vegan food can be yummy too! The only change I made was extra cinnamon because I love it so much =)

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myst_angel June 02, 2007
Spicy Applesauce Cake