Spicy and Sour Fish Marinade

READY IN: 6mins
Recipe by Mustafas Cook

This marinade should be a little sour followed by a slow burn in your mouth. It goes perfect with Tilapia and Ahi Tuna. Due to the amount of Oregano in the recipe, it should look slightly "chunky" or "thick". Marinade fish for a minimum of four hours if possible. Taste for spiciness before adding to fish and make sure all of the fish is completely covered before placing in the fridge.This recipe has never been grill-tested--I've always baked it. Any leftover cooked marinade can be used as a sauce as well. The amount produced with the following measurements will cover 2 medium-sized pieces of fish. Cooking time depends on size of fish.

Top Review by Gandalf The White

Made for PAC Fall 2011. Made this recipe exactly as described. I'd suggest if you have an Asian market nearby, you should purchase your sesame oil there: the cost was almost half compared to my local grocery.

We made the marinade exactly as described and it did have the complex flavor desired: sour at first, morphing to the heat of the hot sauce, depending on how much you use and how sensitive your palate is. My fiancee prefers "mild", while I like "hot" ... and both of us really enjoyed the flavor of this marinade.

Preparation is simple and quick. We used cod instead of tilapia, but any mild white-fleshed fish (flounder, hake, etc.) will work well. Flavor was superb and we baked 2 servings and broiled 2 servings ... both tasted wonderful.

This recipe is definitely a keeper ... thank you Mustafa's Cook for posting!

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  1. Mix all ingredients in a small bowl with a fork. More tabasco pepper sauce and chili powder may be added to taste.
  2. Place fish in a zippered bag that is a correct size for the amount of fish. (The less air or empty space in the bag, the better.).
  3. Add marinade to the bag with a spoon, making sure to coat all pieces of fish. Close bag.
  4. "Mush" bag around carefully to cover every inch of the fish.
  5. Place in fridge for a minimum of 4 hours.

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