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I spotted this recipe during RSC and have been wanting to try it. I finally found the demerara sugar. It was worth the wait! The chicken is wonderful, sweet and mildly spicy. The salsa is a wonderful accompaniment. I reserved a third of the marinade to avoid cross contamination and used it for serving. Great job Sugared Almond!

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Susie D July 15, 2006

Great RSC recipe!! I loved the sweet taste from the demerara sugar - it was like a wonderful surprise with the first bite. The chicken was not too spicy and the mango salsa really complemented the dish - the pairing was a great idea! I cooked the chicken in the oven since we are out of propane and it is quite cold outside. I had to use Serrano peppers as I could not get the scotch bonnets, but I doubled them and I do not think it took away from the dish. I also brought the marinade to a boil and then simmered it since it had been with raw chicken. Pretty presentation. Good luck Chef!

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NcMysteryShopper March 04, 2006
Spiced Rum-Sugar Chicken With Mango Mojito Salsa