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This was my first experience at making jam last year. It was so easy to follow, for years i had no idea as to what to do with the quince that fell off the trees then I heard about quince jelly and figured I would give it a try. after filling my jars I tasted the pot and was a little unsure because the spices seemed weak. But when I opened a jar a few days later it was amazing all the flavours came together! My first batch of this season is on the stove as I type, I will try a few other recipes but I had to do this one first because of all the requests from people who had it last year!

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mrs mack October 04, 2009

IT SET...IT SET...IT SET!!! The number of spices seemed so much, but it is an excellent balance. Reminds a little of the flavour of a mulled wine. Delicious! Will be making again. I would call this a jelly. Mine came out very dark but clear except for the peel and the shading caused by the spices. 10/10.

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JAD40 April 16, 2008

I am so glad to be the first to rate this delicious recipe! I had tried to make quince jelly last week, and it was such a dismal failure (probably on my part), because I had no clue as to how to do it, and had to rely on complicated and confusing instructions that I got elsewhere on the internet. Well, the jelly didn't set and I was at a loss as to what to do with it. So when I saw this recipe on Zaar, I figured I had nothing to lose. I just had a small amount of quince left, just enough to make up 1/2 pint of jam. Well, your instructions were simple and easy to follow, and the result was just wonderful! I tasted what was left in the pot and it was out of this world! The combination of spices was perfect. I am so glad that I found your recipe, and this is what I will be making next fall, when my crop is ready. Too bad I didn't see it first, before I attempted to make the jelly! The nice thing in making this jam, was that I just had to walk outside my kitchen door and pick an orange and a lemon from the trees that are growing in my yard. Since I grow them organically, I didn't have to worry about sprays, etc. Same with my quince. Thank you so much, xtine, for a wonderful, tasty and easy jam recipe, that I will be making every year, for myself and also to give away as gifts.

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Maggie in Florida December 30, 2007
Spiced Quince Jam