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My husband gave me a basket of ripe peaches to take care of, so I found this recipe. I should note that I haven't baked for awhile. After blanching, peeling, and slicing, I had 9/12 cups. This recipe calls for canned peaches, but I forged on anyway. First I increased the recipe by 4. I used whole wheat flour for half, white for the other. I beat the eggs and butter together first, and since I like spicy peaches, I doubled the cinnamon, added nutmeg, used allspice in place of the cloves, and substituted 3 T fresh ginger (in the squeeze bottle) for the dried. When I started mixing the eggs&butter into the dry ingredients (still hadn't added the peaches) it seemed too dry, so I quickly mashed 2 cups of the peaches to hopefully take the place of the syrup I didn't have. Tasted the mix and realized I'd forgotten the sugar. I reached for the jar and found I was 1 1/2 cups short. <br/><br/>At this point I went into What-The-Hell mode. I dumped in the sugar I had, added all the remaining peaches, and dug deep into my overflowing bowl with my big spoon trying to stir it all. I was thinking that the chickens would enjoy it when I roughly divided it between two 8" square pans and one 9X 13. It looked fairly wet but tasted ok. Baked it and--it's pretty darn good! I don't recommend my method, but the recipe certainly stood up to abuse and produced a decent fruit bread. I'll be freezing it in portion sizes for breakfast. Thanks!

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Beth Z. September 06, 2013

I made this for my Mah Jong ladies luncheon yesterday and everyone LOVED it! I chopped the peaches and thought this was very moist. I think this is a recipe I used years ago and lost, so thanks for posting this here! Easy and delicious!!

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Leslie in Texas June 08, 2013

Finally tried this recipe after printing it ages ago. Liked the fact it was low in sugar and fat. I used peaches with no sugar added, (recommend chopping peaches) It was done baking in 50 minutes. I was not thrilled with it the first day but, after sitting overnight in a ziploc it became very moist. Needs a little more spice next time. Thanks, will try it again and play around with it a little.

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momstar September 29, 2010
Spiced Peach Bread