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Very good! This will be great on toast all winter. Didn't set very solidly, and I didn't have the whole spices so I just used a very little bit of the ground version of the spices. Can't wait to break open a jar!

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yibbityibbit July 09, 2003

Just made this jam and it's quite good however there are a few changes I would suggest;<br/><br/>Please note the default receipe makes a lot of jam, you may want to scale it back by 1/3 or so.<br/>Also since it does not use pectin it is not a thick stand on it's own jam, it's more like real jam. Great for morning toast, not PBJ's.<br/><br/>I would suggest using more peaches and less blueberry as the blueberry seems to overpower the peach flavor a bit too much. I may even go so far to just use 1/2 the amount of the blueberries and just make up for the reducing of the blueberries by adding more peach.<br/><br/>I also added real vanilla bean to mine, one bean, split scrapped and added. Yummy!

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Zoshia September 09, 2013

Really yummy! It was a great way to make use up the leftover canning peaches and some of our smaller blueberries. I did use a liquid pectin to set it firm. It's delicious and will be nice to give away in the gift baskets. Thanks for sharing.

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*-Brenda-* September 26, 2009

What a great jam! This is the reason we make our own - you simply can't buy anything like this in a store! People either hate this kind of spicing with fruit, or love it, and of course we love it. This is now a staple jam with us and so I'll always have a batch of it on hand. I actually used a package of pectin and still found it thinner than most, but it still spreads and holds fine. One thing I especially like is that it's not so sweet like most jams, so you can pile it on more and really take in that great fruity flavor. Thanks so much for sharing this gem of a recipe!

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Whipper April 04, 2006
Spiced Peach and Blueberry Jam