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This is an interesting, layered, combination of flavors. It seems like it's going to taste one way from the smell, then it's different when you first put it in your mouth, then it's some else again after you chew it around for a while. I wouldn't want to sit down and eat a big bowl of it, but it's a nice change as a dip or condiment. I go ahead and boil the whole garlic cloves with the raisins and potatoes, and just make sure to mash and mix them thoroughly. Also, I use tabasco sauce rather than harissa, and I've decided it's best on toasted corn tortillas, where the grainy texture contrasts with the smoothness of the dip. I do feel like when I drain the boiled ingredients that I am throwing out a lot of flavor and nutrients, so I try to use as little water as feasible, and save it for making lentils or pilaf or such.

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realbirdlady November 13, 2007

This was a popular dip at a New Zealand wine social in Texas--definitely a different appetizer in a good way. The spices provided nice flavor, esp. cumin. I used local sweet potatoes, raisins, chili sauce, regular sugar and paprika in the recipe due to availability. Reduce the quantity size as the 10-12 serving recipe probably serves 20+people.

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jcars January 14, 2007
Spiced Kumara (Sweet Potato) Dip With Crisp Flatbread