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Excellent!! We really enjoyed this and the spicy coconut sauce is truly delicious.. After reading other reviews regarding cooking times and the chicken being difficult to flip. I decided to make this with spatchcocks (baby chickens) just cutting them in half, this turned out to be great, as they did not take long to cook and were very easy to handle. I placed them under the grill at the end to brown instead of on a grill and they were perfectly cooked and full of flavour. I too used sambal oelek, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves and as others have said I could not get curry leaves so I just added some curry paste. I served ours with some Thai vegetable rice and it was a lovely meal. I also served the sauce on the side for everyone to pour over themselves and we did not have any left as it was poured over the chicken and the rice and got rave reviews by all.

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The Flying Chef February 10, 2009

I suggest cutting the chicken into 6 pieces. Because it is difficult to flip with all the sauce. It can be done but it can be quite messy. I did make this in a large pan. Kept 1 cup of the milk out till the chicken was removed to be grilled. Then added and let it cook down. 1 cup of milk can be omitted. Cooking time is not clear in the recipe. I cooked 10 minutes each side which is not enough. But I planned on the grilling in which I did. On a oiled grill and the chicken still stuck to it! I flipped browned and transfer to a foil pan to finish cooking on indirect heat for 15 more minutes. Brought to a cutting board and cut the chicken into 6 pieces place into the sauce. I didn`t have the curry leaves so I used curry paste, used sambal, lemongrass and Kaffir Lime Leaves. Thanks!

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Rita~ September 25, 2007

Wow this was really flavoursome - the spice mix and coconut milk worked really well together. I didn't have access to any of the leaves listed so used kaffir lime leaves and that worked well. The chicken needed a little more time to cook through after simmering so for the final grilling stage I left both the top and bottom oven elements on and the result was a wonderfully tender chicken that tasted great.

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Peter J May 04, 2007
Spiced Grilled Chicken