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Ooooooo Dorothy! This is delish! And perfect for this time of year (Autum). I actually omitted the "Equal" because I don't like the consequences of Asparteme (It causes memory loss, and many problems with the brain, like M.S.), but you know what? It was fantastic without it. The natural sugar from the apples and the apple juice made it sweet enough. It was so fantastic, in fact, that I am going to give away the other 5 jars as early Holiday gifts for my friends. I wouldn't be surprised if come here after tasting this and flooding this recipe with rave reviews even though they didn't make it. (I will tell them where I got the recipe. I always give credit, where credit is due) Thanks for the great recipe Dorothy.

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Mimi Bobeck November 25, 2002
Spiced Fruit Butter (from Equal)