Total Time
2hrs 10mins
Prep 2 hrs
Cook 10 mins

This I got from a friend's cook book and adapted.

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  1. Make the coffee and as soon as it is made put in the spices (the coffee will be very hot at this stage).
  2. Cover and then when it comes to room temperature refrigerate it for 2 hours.
  3. Strain and discard the spices (I wash them out and reuse them in the next curry I make- but then I am a wierdo).
  4. Blend the coffee, cream, sugar and ice cubes till smooth and foamy.
  5. Pour into 2 long glasses and sprinkle with the drinking chocolate powder and the chocolate flakes.
  6. Drink immediately as the foam should be there when you have it.


Most Helpful

It sounds YUUMMMM! will try it tomorrow morning...

Mich Furtado August 06, 2004

Move over Starbucks! I loved the froth on top and the classic chai flavors. I acutally think I could have done with more cardamom, but then again, I love the stuff. I did halve the recipe because I have a French press that only makes 1 servings worth (besides BF doesn't drink coffee), but it still turned out wonderfully. It was actually really easy with my French press- I made the coffee, pressed it, poured the coffee into the cup, rinsed the grounds out of the press and put in the spices. Then, when I was done steeping the spices, it was easy to just press them and I didn't have to stick my fingers in the coffee or anything, or try to pour off the coffee without having bits of cardamom or cloves sneaking through. The foam that formed on top was just gorgeous- definitely gives this that 'coffee house at home' feeling. I think that next time I would add more sugar- this stuff is pretty intense and I didn't add much (I don't usually like sugar in my coffee). I added about 1/2-1tsp sugar. Next time I make this I want to try a tip I read for making the perfect iced coffee in Vogue a while back- coffee ice cubes! Thanks for posting, Fay!

Roosie July 03, 2004

i made the coffee last night and the rest i am drinking as i type. delicious improvement to iced coffee! i did discard the spices :).

chia June 10, 2004

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