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WOW, I have a new favorite morning tea now. Truly delicious, with the perfect amount of spiciness. I could really taste the peppercorns in the chai. Although I tried the chai with milk the first few times, I drank the rest with water and enjoyed it far more- just a personal preference. Next time I will just mix in the water into the bottle with the chai mixture, and I will be sure to quadruple the amount I make (I doubled the recipe and it still disappeared so quickly!) [Reviewed for BEST OF 2012]

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rpgaymer February 12, 2013

Absolutely perfect!!! I doubled it & also added vanilla beans. I did put in the orange zest. I used 1c brown sugar & 2TB honey. It is sooooo good. I bet it'll be gone tomorrow. THANK YOU especially since I tagged a recipe that calls for chai concentrate but I can't find any within walking distance. You saved me! lol. Thank you, Gail! **I just used this in Jenn’s Incredible Honey Chai Frappe. YUM!

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Elmotoo September 14, 2012

How cool is this recipe?! Very cool! I love that it makes a concentrate that you can keep in your fridge. That makes it so easy to pull out a cup and mix it with milk (I used rice milk), heat up and enjoy. The flavors are wonderful. I'm smacking my lips thinking about it right now. In fact, this recipe is being tucked into my best-of-the-best file. Thank you! Made for ZWT8 India

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LifeIsGood August 23, 2012

Sooo good. I love all the flavors in this chai. The spice ratio is spot on. Nothing is overpowering, they all blend beautifully to create the perfect cup of tea. I did use the orange zest option and since I love sweet things, I opted for 2/3 cup of brown sugar in the cocentrate. Thank you so much for sharing this treasure. I will be making it again often. I have placed this in My Favorites Cookbook for 2012. Kudos Gailanng.

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Baby Kato February 13, 2012

I used local honey and homemade brown sugar. The spices were lightly crushed to release their oils and flavor. That orange zest option was the icing on the cake. I like my ratio of chai/tea-to-milk more like 75/25 and I used half coconut milk and half heavy cream. Nice zip to it and I needed it this busy morning earlier today! Made for Best of 2013.

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COOKGIRl February 04, 2014
Spiced Chai Concentrate