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I switched this recipe a little bit b/c I didn't have enough liquid pectin so I used powdered instead. I used 4 cups crushed blueberries, and 4 cups of sugar. I also didn't have cloves so I used nutmeg. It's not quite the same spicy but it was still good. The technique was a little different as well b/c of the powder pectin. I added the pectin in with the fruit and cooked it to a rollingboil and then added the sugar and boiled it for 1 minute. I used two piece lids and hot water bathed the jars for 10 minutes instead of using wax as this is the safer way to preserve. It is a very good and different jam. The spices add so much.

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*Z* July 20, 2009

I used more blueberries to get even just 2 cups crushed and then added more to get the added 1/4 cup....only filled 5 1/2 jars...used the 1 pouch liquid pectin.

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pufpen_9037756 August 15, 2013
Spiced Blueberry Jam