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Excellent!!! I did increase the sugar to 1/2 cup. So great to have this childhood treat even though I'm watching my diet.

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icandoit185 March 23, 2014

Can't get much simpler than this! Very tasty. I liked the allspice in this. I have always had it with nutmeg and this was a nice change. I miss-read the instructions and mixed the allspice in with everything, so my custard had a brown hue to it, but still very good! Served with Bev's Blackberry Sauce. Made for My-3 Chefs 2008.

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Mikekey June 22, 2008

I haven't made this yet. I figured out this recipe amount will fit into my new 6 ramekin set and probably an 8" x 8" pan for the hot water to come up 1." Possibly may have to use 9" x 9" Corning ware dish to fit the 6 ramekins. I like the low fat milk to reduce calories but will use 1/2 C. Bakers Sugar from C&H. I thought there was too little sugar and a review showed this to be true. I haven't found a sugar substitute yet that will sweeten like sugar when baked. I hope there will be one soon. Mixing in the allspice sounds like a good idea instead of just sprinkling it on top. Guess my family and I will find out soon.

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Kay Campion October 08, 2014
Spiced Baked Custard