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This was awesome!!! I made mine with pecans instead of walnuts as that is what I had on hand. It smelled amazing during cooking and when my guests turned up they were all commenting on the lovely smell in the house. I did accidentally pour too much syrup mix into my pies and it trickled over the edge and caramalised down the bottom outside part of the pie. This did not affect the taste at all and it still got rave reviews, even from my hubby who is not a massive lover of nutty pies. I had half a pie left over as I made 2 smaller round ones and my hubby has been enjoying it emensley over the last couple of days. I loved all the little additions of the cinnamon, vanilla and orange rind. I added a little more of both the cinnamon and vanilla as I made a bit more mix than stated to fill 2 pies. Ok so I have gone on long enough a really great recipe FT and one I would highly recommend.. :)

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The Flying Chef June 01, 2010

The smell alone is enough to make your mouth water!

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GingerlyJ October 01, 2009
Spiced Autumn Walnut and Golden Syrup Tart-Pie