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This is a deliciously spiced cake! And, would you believe that I didn't know you could do this sort of thing entirely in a food processor? How simple! I used the butter from cold, just chopped it into six chunks, which I tossed in. I'd like to add a caramel sauce to it , as well, for decadence! Wonderful - thanks for recommending, Mikekey! Made for Top Favourites of 2009.

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Katzen February 28, 2010

WOW!!! Great cake. Very dense and moist, with wonderful flavor. Using the food processor makes it easy. I chopped the apples in the processor and then dumped everything else in. The directions didn't state what "form" the butter should be in (softened, melted, cold, etc) so I melted it. I subbed Splenda for half of the brown sugar. I may cut amount of butter in half next time, too. I think this would be just as moist without the full amount. I served this with a dollop of Ginger Yogurt.

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Outta Here February 15, 2009
Spiced Apple and Almond Cake