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OMG!!! I now have another addiction, these fabulous nuts!!!! I bought a bag of almonds, with skins, and used them for this and another recipe. Both are delicious, but these won out my tastes buds for the smokey & salty flavors. I did make mine different also, as I didn't have the blanched almonds, so I put the olive oil in a pan at medium heat and then added the almonds for a few minutes. I then tossed them in a bowl with the salt and paprika and then onto a paper plate lined with a paper towel. This will be made often at my house and is going into my "Best of 2012". Thanks for sharing the recipe. Made for ZWT8.

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diner524 July 26, 2012

I made these two ways...one as posted with the hot smoked paprika and one with chipolte powder...we loved them both...I have some red and green jalapeno powder that I'm thinking of using next time...I love this recipe...I even got my almonds on sale...hubby loves them with skin on so that is what I used...I tagged this from "The Best of 2012" tag game...thanks diner524 for sharing your find...and thanks Rita~ for posting the recipe...=)

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teresas March 03, 2013

I made these nuts for my parents and a friend of theirs as a thank you and they got rave reviews from all! Everybody thought they were salty and spicy and just perfect to nibble on with a glass of wine. I liked how easy they were to prepare and how quickly everything went together. When making these, I realized I didnt have any blanced almonds on hand, so I went ahead and used the ones with skin on (no time to blanch them myself) and I think that worked alright, too. I hope you dont mind! THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this great recipe with us, ~Rita~! What a great gift and snack idea! Made and reviewed for Veggie Swap #18 January 2010.

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Lalaloula January 04, 2010

I served these at a dinner party, and they got mixed reviews; however, I'm giving them five stars, because I LOVED them! They were perfectly salty and spicy. Made for ZWT5 Family Picks. Thanks for a keeper!

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KissKiss June 14, 2009

We loved these a lot. We had a drinks and nibbles party which sort of turned into a tapas party and these were lovely. I doubled the recipe and have been nibbling on the leftovers all day. We used smoked paprika and this seemed to work really well. Thanks for sharing - made for ZWT5.

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Helen Hes May 17, 2009

Love almonds for the super-energy boost they provide at times when one can feel a lapse in concentration coming on, and this is a great, super-quick, super-easy recipe for making a supply of really tasty almonds for at-work-snacks. Loved the simple combination of the salt, paprika (I used sweet paprika) and olive oil. Thanks for sharing this super recipe, ~Rita~. Made for ZWT 5.

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bluemoon downunder May 12, 2009

Very good! I also used unblanched almonds. This was my first time using the smoked paprika I received in a swap this fall, and I love it! We are including these in our holiday gifts of sweets, nuts, and fruit! Yummy! I did use a bit more than the 1 tablespoon of olive oil that one reviewer thought was too much, because they just didn't seem coated well enough for everything to stick. Thanks for posting!

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SrtaMaestra December 26, 2008

So incredibly easy...and delicious. I did use blanched almonds, smoked spanish paprika and fleur de sel. As a contribution to an assortment of tapas, these can't be beat! Thanks, Rita!

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BarbryT September 13, 2008

Outstanding and easy. I had unblanched on hand so I just toasted and spiced those. The oil and spices seemed to be absorbed into the skin; clinging very nicely. DELISH, Rita!!

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Caroline Cooks November 12, 2007

YUM!! I made this for ZWT3. I didn't blanch my almonds, but left the skins on. The combination of the sweet almonds with the salt and smokey paprika is lovely! I have a ziplock baggie of these stashed away in my desk at work for snacks. They aren't going to last long! Thanks Rita. :)

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dicentra June 05, 2007
Spiced Almonds for the Tapas Bar