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Made for the *Comfort Cafe* event, this is a very nice stand-alone dessert coffee & ideal as the sweet finale of an otherwise heavy dinner that does not require a dessert. Amaretto is a classic w/coffee & I esp favor the use of cloves w/cinnamon in this. It is definitely sweet & those who might favor a less-sweet version can start w/a reduced amt of sugar & adjust to taste pref. I wonder if it can be made quicker-to-the-table by fixing it in a coffeemaker? You could start w/the sugar in the pot, add the spices to the filtered grounds & add the Amaretto after brewing. I think I will try that ~ next time. Thx for sharing this lovely dessert coffee recipe w/us. :-)

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twissis January 29, 2009

tagged Comfort Cafe 2008. OH YEA!!! I really enjoyed this one. A bit sweet but as it is an after dinner coffee it took the place of dessert (or could- Ihad both :-) ) LOVE the cinnamon and orange flavor added in and wasn't sure I would. YUMMY!

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Chef1MOM-Connie December 30, 2008
Spiced After-Dinner Coffee