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Good flavor, and very easy to make. Also being made out of spelt flour, I can eat it even though I have an allergy to regular wheat. Spelt is spelt, and wheat is wheat. There is no "legal" precident stating that Spelt is wheat. Roughly 20% of people that are allergic to wheat can eat spelt without any reaction. Likewise, people with food allergies (like me) know by the ingredients if we can eat something or not, so please keep posting fantastic recipes like this!

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SDCDarkRaven November 01, 2010

I like to Cook mine on my stovetop in a cast iron skillet.
Do one side a few minutes then turn over and top, add lid and let cook for a few more minutes.

Side note; spelt is not wheat.
What the lady below is confused about is that both wheat and spelt contain gluten.
Gluten is what SOME people are allergic to, however the gluten in spelt is not the same as the gluten in wheat.
Celliac disease requires a gluten-free diet, not a wheat free diet.

Gluten is found in a lot of flours. Other foods too. If you are alergic to gluten or have cellist disease you should understand foods and your disease enough to know the difference.( just sayin)

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Firewhirrrl February 13, 2011

AWESOME!!! I used organic spelt instead of the light spelt flour and added 3/4 teaspoon of sea salt and ommitted the honey. I also added italian herb seasoning and garlic powder. This is the first dough I have ever made and I was so nervous. It turned out perfect and sooo quick and easy. The only thing that I noticed was that it turned out to be a thin crust, although delicious. I don't know if it was because I didn't add the honey. We're just trying to stay away from sugar. I would rather have a slightly thicker or more doughy crust, though. I will allow it to rise, next time before baking it. Also, I baked the crust for approximate 4 minutes at 425 degrees, before I added the toppings.Thanks for this great recipe! I'm sure passing it on!

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colormepretty November 08, 2010

Easy, tastes great and much healthier than white flour pizza (and lighter than whole wheat). I followed the comments that said to let it rise 20 minutes and to bake it for a few minutes before adding ingredients.

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nkingbrady June 24, 2013

This recipe turned out great. I would recommend letting it rise for 20 minutes. I omitted the baking powder/soda. If you add the honey warm water and yeast together and let sit for 15 minutes then add to flour mixture it will rise nicely. Let dough sit cover for 20 minutes then roll out onto pan or stone. I also baked it for 10 minutes on 400 first. Let it cool added my ingredients then baked another 20 minutes. I posted a photo too.

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Raw for Fun April 14, 2013

One of the commentators made a comment about the legal classification of spelt and other ancient grains in the Triticum genus. in late 2005, in preparation of FALCPA (Food Allergen and Consumer Protection Act) the FDA was faced with the question about what to do with einkorn, emmer and spelt. The other branches of the government, FSA and USDA did not classify them as wheat- probably because they did not want to insure them. It was late November of 2005 that the FDA made their decision to call them wheat. The decision was not based on any scientific findings like they contributed to allergies or digestive disorders. The finding was based on scientific nomenclature. To this day as a matter of fact, science has not proven that gluten is the protein that causes wheat allergies. It is linked to wheat and the identification of wheat because all of the wheats contain gluten.

The problems we encounter when you try to put all pegs in the same shaped hole; usually the shape doesn't change but the hole gets bigger.

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Sgt. Friday January 09, 2013

Kind of rustic, but in a good way. This was certainly quick and easy to put together, and the smell in the kitchen while the dough was rising was delightful. I made one and a half batches of dough and used it to make to rectangular shaped baking sheet sized thin crust pizzas. I will use this again either for specific pizza recipes or as I did tonight just with whatever toppings I have on hand.

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berry271 March 29, 2011

Spelt IS wheat, legally, and it's another plant in the same genus as that we recognize as wheat today. It is not safe for people who are allergic or intolerant to wheat or gluten, or for celiacs. I'm sure it's a tasty tasty crust, but please consider taking "Wheat-Free" out of your title so you're not inadvertently causing harm to people who don't know.

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Rhiannon Deux April 27, 2010

Very good pizza dough! I've used a recipe that was way too sticky and hard to work with, but this one was perfect! I let it rise and double in size in a warm oven before fitting it to the pan.

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fairycook February 13, 2010

Your right when you say quick and easy all the way into the oven! I used a 12" pan for our pizza and it worked fine. Make sure you grease your pan well, so the dough doesn't stick. Thanks for this great new recipe for me to use, using spelt instead of regular flour. Helps to keep the weight down :)

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FriendlyChefy September 04, 2008
Spelt Pizza Crust (Wheat-Free)