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My DH thought it was "Wonderful", a 5. I thought it was okay, a 3. So we compromised on a 4. I had only six medium onions, but that was way more than enough. If I had used 10, I would never have been able to get them in the crust, and yes, I cooked them down until all the moisture was evaporated and I used a 9-inch deep dish crust. I also substituted 6 half slices of bacon placed on top like spokes on a wheel. I just thought it was a little heavy and bland. I will definitely try again. I will use the 10 onions you called for, cook them down as I did this time, but then add a splash of sherry and continue to cook until carmelized. I love the sherry and onion combo-you can't go wrong with it. I would also add finely chopped and cooked bacon to the mixture, instead of placing on top. Just to add that depth of flavor throughout. I would not change the recipe's proportions, I would just make as 2 pies instead of one.

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Deborah1 August 12, 2002

Very good, but I substituted caraway seeds for the celery seeds and crumbled crip bacon into the onion-egg-cream mix. Also, the recipe is probably meant for 2 9inch pie shells which is what I had on hand and I could have made a double recipe and still my friends at church would have polished off every crumb.

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European Mutt, Citizen of Planet Earth August 31, 2008
Special Onion and Bacon Pie