Special Garlic & Cheese Potato Casserole

Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 45 mins

The recipe doesn't designate a cooking time so I'm guessing. However, cooking time aside, this sounds scrumptious! I'll be making it very soon.

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  1. The Pan:.
  2. Large oven dish, must be at least 6 inches deep.
  3. If not this deep, make sure it is large around. I'd say minimum 4" deep.
  4. A large disposable foil casserole pan should work fine.
  5. Directions:.
  6. Peel (or not) and slice potatoes to no thicker than a dime (2-3mm).
  7. Layer the bottom of your oven dish with 2-3 layers of potatoes.
  8. Cover potatoes with a thick layer of grated cheese.
  9. Crush one clove of garlic over the top of the cheese, spreading out evenly.
  10. NOTE: If you know how much cheese and garlic you WILL use, just crush the garlic and mix it with the cheese to make spreading easier.
  11. Continue to do this 3-4 times depending on how deep your oven dish is.
  12. End up with a cheese and garlic layer to finish, not potatoes.
  13. Mix milk and egg together and pour over the top of the cheese.
  14. Bake at 180º C (350º F)until potatoes are soft and cheese topping is browned off
  15. Cooking time will vary depending on number of layers and thickness of potato slices.
  16. VARIATION: adding meat of your choice to this with the cheese/garlic layer, would make this a great main dish.
  17. If other ingredients are added, you may have to double the egg/milk mixture, and adjust the cooking time.


Most Helpful

The best potato casserole I've ever had. I covered the dish for the first 25 minutes of cooking so the cheese doesn't burn and I baked it uncovered 20 more minutes. The cheese layer created a wonderful crunchy crust with creamy potatoes underneath. 5 stars! Thank you.

Katanashrp February 25, 2012

I altered it, and they love it! I used precooked, deboned half of a chicken, made a double batch, used pats of butter throughout instead of coating the pan, added veggies on top, and a can of cream of chicken before last layer of cheese. Also, I was out of fresh garlic, so I used garlic powder on one or two layers, and garlic salt and parsley on the other. Cooked at 400F for 30 minutes with aluminum foil over top, and about 25-30 minutes uncovered at 350F . Turned out wonderful . This is a great "starter" recipe - you can create a million variations, it is so true to increase fluids as you increase the size of the casserole. I think this is the perfect base recipe.

Monica H. August 27, 2015

The aroma of this dish while baking was almost unbearable. LoL! I think I will cut back just a bit on the garlic next time. Even though we LOVE garlic, it was just a little too much. :)

Lori Mama March 07, 2008

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