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I didn't follow the recipe at all so I am leaving zero stars. For the chicken I cooked a whole (3lb) chicken in the crock pot for 5 hours. I used the spice rub (mostly shoved under the skin of the bird) for this recipe and let it sit overnight before setting up in the crockpot. I made the sauce the night before our dinner, too (a lot of my dinners work out this way having a full time job and 19 month old!). For dinner I took off the skin and served the oh so tasty, tender, and very moist meat over rice with the sauce on top. It was very tasty. The sauce was a little too sweet for us, but OK. Would make again but tweak the sauce a little. When I have more time on a weekend I may try the 'brick' method.

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Codychop March 26, 2007

A delectable recipe which we thoroughly enjoyed for dinner with friends! The sauce was just the right balance of sweet and sour, not too overpowering at all. I have cooked chicken by this method before funnily enough, so I was eager to try this out, as I was pleasantly surprised and pleased to see it as an RSC entry. It would have been 5 stars for us, but I spent a long time prepping it and also the cooking times were out by about 30 minutes; it may have been the size chicken I used, it was a large one weighing in at nearly 3 and 1/2 lbs, but after I had spatchcocked (butterflied) it and trimmed it, it was not far off the weight in the ingredients list. The rub was delightful, as was the sauce and I was delighted to see a "real" recipe entered for RSC with complex and challenging cooking methods - well done! It was a fabulous list of imaginative ingredients - and I am thoroughly delighted to have discovered it - I will be making this again and using the rub for all sorts of other meats and poultry! Good luck and thanks for posting this! P.S. I call this method of boning a chicken, spatchcock by the way!

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French Tart March 18, 2007

The contrast between the spicy, yet not overly intense, rub on the meat and the sweet and sour sauce was delicious. I'm not a fan of sweet and sour but this one was so good I had sauce on every piece. The skin was crisp indeed yet the meat remained moist. Very flavorful. Its the second best contest recipe I've tried -- second only to My Orange Roast Chicken and then only because this recipe with both a rub and a sauce is so involved and complex to make while the other is so easy. I anticipate trying the rub on beef and pork as well because it was incredible.

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3KillerBs March 17, 2007

This one had the "wow!" factor! I found the method intriguing. I prepared the chicken as directed, mixed the rub and let the chicken marinate. I used a large, heavy old iron pot which was perfect. I found two bricks which I covered with foil, and fried the chicken with great doubt: was it going to burn on the skin side?? I didn't substitute a single thing, except I wasn't sure what the cook meant by "chili powder". I only had cayenne pepper, which seemed a bit rough, so used 2 teaspoons flaked dried hot pepper. (Oh yes: the bricks in foil were perfectly easy to handle as they did not become hot and I could handle them with bare hands!) And the chicken did NOT burn! The sauce was prepared exactly as directed. The chicken was finished off in the hot oven. As I had no idea what Longevity noodles were, I made rice and cauliflower as side dishes, and the usual salad. The chicken was scrumptious and juicy, with the crispy skin the cook predicted! I commend this cook for the correctness of her timing and instructions -- it is clear that he/she tested this recipe carefully. The sauce improved on standing in a warming oven for a short while and was totally delicious, to our tastes, by the time we could eat. For the judges: this recipe is actually a hair's breadth away from 5 stars and would be a knockout with a fully deboned chicken. I might try that soon. Congratulations, cook, I loved the "different approach" of this recipe!!

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Zurie March 17, 2007

This really deserves 5 stars for the incredible flavor. I was kinda put off by the seemingly odd combination of what are to me southwestern ingredients for the rub, then the orange sauce. They worked together perfectly. We do have to add a bit of a criticism, sorry. The prep time was underestimated, by quite a bit. It took 30 minutes just to butterfly the chicken, prepare the spice rub mixture, lift the skin from the chicken and rub the spice under the skin. Then there was the 15 min cook time on top of the stove under the brick. Then there was the time to prepare the orange sauce, which actually took an additional approximate 30 min between the chopping, sautéing and final service. So I would say that active prep time is more like an hour and a half or a bit more. Second comment is that there were no pan dripping to defat and add to sauce. Between the stovetop cooking for 15 min and the oven time at 450 degrees, there was nothing that could be recovered. It was a burnt layer that couldn’t possibly have been used. So our only deviation from the recipe was that we did not have pan drippings. We simply went with the sauce without them. Nonetheless, this was an amazing chicken dish. I can honestly say that it was the most flavorful chicken I have ever tasted. The orange sauce was perfect to accompany this chicken. Fabulous combination of ingredients, Great Job.

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personalchef March 17, 2007
Spatchcocked Crispy Happy Chicken With Rich Orange Sauce