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Mmmm! this was very nice, thank you so much for the instructions to spatchcock a chicken. I have always wanted to do it but never had the courage but your instructions were very good, and as you can see from my picture it turned out great. I made it to the recipe and cooked it on the grill out doors in between showers but had to eat indoors as the rain came on. I will be making this again it's a much better way to cook it on the grill. thank you for posting. Made for the diabetic forum July 2011

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Tea Jenny July 18, 2011

Thanks for the tutorial and oven roasting instructions. It's very easy to do and easier to cut up for dinner using this technique. I made a paste of butter, EVOO, garlic, thyme, rosemary & sage (see my recipe for Emeril's recipe for perfect roasted chicken). Stuck some under the breast skin, and all over the outside of the bird. S&P too. YUM!

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Chicagoland Chef du Jour January 22, 2011

I had never spatchcocked a chicken and was a little intimidated to start with. It was MUCH easier than I thought and had a fabulous flavor! DH was so impressed and thinks I'm a goddess ;) I'll be making this one frequently. Thanks for posting such a great, simple recipe!

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K9 Owned April 15, 2010

I made two chickens for a family BBQ. I added a little smoked paprika along witht he regular stuff for the marinade. My chickens got about 5 hours marination, then we cooked them on the BBQ. They were delicious and even better served with piri piri sauce. No time to take a photo, so I'll try to make them again soon and do so then.

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JustJanS January 07, 2010

Made something VERY similar to this recently, TRUE! Grated the garlic, tucked it under the skin too! Instead of paprika, used Portugese spice! With roasted veggies (potaotes, carrots, onions, WAS very nice! Secret is to capture juices, reheating the pan for the extra hit, Use sav blanc, sifted flour, pepper, was DEFINATELY a hit! Would recommend this recipe as SO easy to do, I ended up eating a half a chook by myself too! THANKS!

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mickeydownunder November 20, 2009
Spatchcock Chicken With Paprika and Olive Oil - Bonnie Stern