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Made these for PRMR and they are very tasty. I used sparkling white grape juice and then we didn't use sticks. I thought it would keep things neater if we used spoons instead. I also could not strain out the solids. I would like to tweak it to make it more similar to a Luigi's Italian Ice by adding more lemon and maybe reducing the sugar a bit. Looking forward to trying it with other fruits as summer rolls around.

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Margie99 April 07, 2014

Made for PRMR!!! What a great tasting dessert! The kids enjoyed them on this hot and muggy day. We used a popsicle mold we had. It turned out perfect. I will make these again nd try different variations, maybe sprite or Gatorade for the sparkling juice for another version?<br/><br/>Thanks Again!

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nochlo July 19, 2013

Oh, how yummy these were! I made the kiddie version using Welch's sparkling white grape juice and took these to our grandsons little league game for a treat for the team. (I had to run back to the house in the last inning to grab them from the freezer, other wise they would've had to drink them. LOL). I did have to improvise, since I didn't have popcicle molds to use... but it was fine. The only changes to the recipe itself were that I had to use frozen, sliced strawberries (which was fine), and after blending the simple syrup, fruit and everything else all together, I didn't have the heart to strain and toss all the solids... so I left a little of the chunks of fruit in them. I'm glad I did (it made them seem a little healthier for the boys). Thank you for posting. I will use this again thru-out the summer (adult version, also). (Made for PRMR - Spring 2013)

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rosie316 April 30, 2013
Sparkling Strawberry Pops