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Oh My Heavens, I'm going to buy a case of avocado's and move to Spain! I loved the sound of this delight and had to try it but I couldn't bring myself to use all that fat. I lightly poached the shrimp in salt water until *just* cooked and for the whipping cream I used fat free liquid coffee creamer, I don't feel bad about the avocado because it's "good" heart healthy fat (I know, fat is still fat and we shouldn't overdo). The avocado mash is pure heaven and I could smear it on every thing (I'm currently considering the possibility of cake filling!). If you like avocado and shrimp run to the food processor and make this NOW!!!

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Annacia June 26, 2009

Wow, the avocado puree was so neat! It most certainly does come out silky smooth, and has a great flavor. Thanks for sharing! ZWT8

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Starrynews July 29, 2012

I used cooked salad shrimp for this. I cut the recipe down to serve 2. We loved the avocado puree. Thanks for sharing. Made fpr ZWT 8- Spain/Portugal.

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CJAY July 29, 2012

We absolutely loved this dish - the shrimp and avocado paired beautifully together. Just added a bit of Emeril's seasoning to the shrimp before I sauteed them. I plan to take advantage of the bountiful supply of avocados and shrimp that we have here and will definitely be making this tapas recipe again. This dish will WOW your guests, but works just as well as a nice appetizer for family. In our case it was just the two of us so we had it as our meal. YUM! Made for ZWT-8-Spain/Portugal.

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DailyInspiration July 24, 2012

You should have seen my husband's face at the site of this dainty little dish. Let me interject that he likes to learn his lessons the hard way. For example, just because HIS mama never made it doesn't mean he can't eat it. I'll suffice to say wifey-poo knows best--he loooooved it! BTW, I sort of Cajunized the shrimp. Made for 123 Hit Wonders.

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gailanng July 03, 2009
Spanish Tapas - Avocado Puree and Shrimp Cocktail