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I have made many cookies and the recipes were on target, but this one did not work. I agree that 4 cups of flour is too much or an ingredient is missing. They were hard as rocks and had to throw them out.

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miriam_feliciano December 14, 2006

After making many great recipes from recipezaar. I was anxious to try this simple one for Spanish cookies - especially since I live in Spain. Unfortunately, this one just did not result in a "sigh". I followed the recipe exactly and hate to admit that it just does not work. I believe either a key ingredient is missing (a leavening agent?) or the proportions are out of whack. It's virtually impossible to mix four cups of flour and still have a dough that stays together without crumbling. I had to stop after 3 and 1/2 cups of flour. After 12 minutes in the oven, the cookies were still soft and not the least bit browned. I let them cook around 20 minutes. The result was an edible dough. Not recommended.

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Croce December 04, 2006
Spanish Sighs from Cudillero (Cookies)suspiros De Cudillero