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This was so good. Really lovely hot, herby lemony flavours. We marinated our shrimp in the mix, but used about half the oil, then stir fried them in a wok, and ate them with rice and a salad. Fantastic.

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JustJanS November 08, 2002

Made this tonight and had a brain freeze and put the cilantro and italian parsley in with the mix...it was awesome! I may try the hot frying pan next time as others have suggested, so that we have more "base" to put over rice, etc. The shrimp flavor is awesome, not sure I'd do the cilantro and parsley if we just grill them next time as we didn't think it needed the extra flavor, the shrimp would be good enough without those two ingredients if you don't have them or like them.

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CruellaDeVille November 09, 2010

This is THE best shrimp dish I have ever had! Lots of flavors hit you all at once with this one! I served it over some jasmine rice and it was great together! All the raves you see... Believe it's THAT good!

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sherylsprague68 September 07, 2009

Update Jul 7, 2009: Wow, I so love this dish. You just really can't go wrong! This time I turned them into fajitas by adding some sliced veggies...strips of red onion, red and green bell pepper, and yellow summer squash. Pretty colors. Delicious served with black beans and guacamole. Dec 17, 2005: Ginny, this is amazing shrimp. I so thoroughly enjoyed it, I can't believe I actually put leftovers away when what I really wanted to do was eat them all. Lovely with white rice cooked in chicken broth with garlic and saffron. Thank you so much.

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Heather U. July 07, 2009

Agreed Japanese Delight!! All kinds of blastin' goin' on in my mouth!!!

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aliono May 02, 2008

Amazing blast of flavor in your mouth! Actually my husband right now is being anti shrimp (he's lame!) because he is somehow grossed out by it for no particular reason so I used chicken tenders that I cut into 1/2" pieces. I pan cooked it, then deglazed the pan with white wine to make a bit of sauce. Oh, and I used regular paprika. It was outstanding!! I served it with a nice crusty baguette and veggies. I can't wait to try it with shrimp! Thank you!

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Japanese Delight April 16, 2008

I served these delectable shrimp as part of a tapas dinner for neighbors. They are outstanding--tender and delicious. Everyone loved them and wanted the recipe. I love RecipeZaar 'cause I can just point them here. :-)

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BarbryT June 04, 2007

10 stars !!!No... 20 stars !! DH thinks that he died and went to heaven with this Shrimp recipe. I think I have too... It's firmly planted on the top of the heap as one of our mega all time favourite meals and doesn't look like it will be toppled any time soon. The combination of cilantro (corriander) and the other ingredients are simply devine. We doubled the corriander and garlic due to personal preference, and like JanS we also marinated the mix, then tossed it all into a smoking frypan to cook as quickly as possible... we also added a little extra olive oil to the marinade, simply so that there would be more of these georgous juices to mop up and enjoy. Simply served with Turkish bread (or a crustry French bagette) and a green salad and you have a meal where everyone was less than secretly wishing that they could have stolen everyone elses plates as we just couldn't get enough of this. Ginny, I first made this for our 10 wedding anniversary treat and DH sends you his very highest compliments can't sing your praises loudly enough for sharing this recipe. If there was ever a fire in our house DH would have the kids under one arm and my handwritten cookbook with this recipe in it in the other LOL. He gets stary eyed just thinking about this recipe. Please see my rating system: a very very very well deserved 5 stars for a recipe that would not be out of place in a high class restaurant. We adore you... Thanks !!!!

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kiwidutch October 03, 2005

All I can say is WOW! These shrimp were absolutely delicious -- just the right amount of spice. So easy to make, but awesome results! These shrimp will be on many more dinner menus to come. I wanted to take a picture of these beautiful shrimp, but they were gone before I had a chance to pick up the camera. Thank goodness someone has already posted a picture.

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Nancy's Pantry September 26, 2011
Spanish Shrimp