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Love the old Minute Rice recipes! (My mother in law makes Country Pie -- another Minute Rice classic). This Spanish Rice Pronto was great. Easy, flavorful, filling. What more could I want? I couldn't resist adding a pinch of crushed red peppers to the mix. I served this with roasted pine nuts-and-cauliflower, corn and crusty bread. My husband had just come in from a mountain bike ride and started scarfing this down. Truly enjoyable! Thanks for posting this.

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vrvrvr April 27, 2011

A variation of this recipe has been a staple of my family for decades. Instead of olives and peppers, we delete the oil, add a tablespoon of prepared Yellow Mustard. For a little zip, add 1-1/2 to 3 tablespoons of hot salsa. Do not use mild, it will make it sweet.

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Gene W. June 27, 2016
Spanish Rice Pronto