Recipe by Denae J Davis

Savory Rice goes great with my Chicken Enchiladas

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  1. Heat oil in bottom of medium saucepan on medium to high heat.
  2. Pour the rice into oil.
  3. Brown the rice, keeping a steady eye as to not BURN the rice, rice will begin to smell similar to popcorn.
  4. When rice is brown, pour in 5 cups of water and the Tomato boullion.
  5. Stir and cover. Reduce heat to low/medium and let rice simmer, continuing to stir periodically.
  6. Rice will thicken and soak up the water. Taste the rice after about 15-20 minutes. If it is soft, it is ready to serve. If it is still hard, pour in the remaining water slowly and continue to simmer.

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