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Selected this for *Potluck Tag* as I love eggs and this treatment looked especially promising. The taste was magnificent well beyond the simplicity of the ingredients. As a time saver, I sauted the onions for both the sauce and tortilla at the same time adding a bit of smoked Spanish paprika. Loved the sauce and sopped up lots of it with pieces of bread. I did have some problems with the preparation of the tortilla. I used a 7-inch non stick skillet and allowed the tortilla to cook for 7 minutes and then set it under the broiler for an additional 2 minutes. Since it appeared firm, I began the process of turning it onto a plate to flip it. Alas, while the top and bottom were firm, the center was soft and the tortilla fell apart. :( I think using a slightly larger pan would work better in order for the heat to penetrate all the way through. Appearances aside, we loved the flavors and I will certainly try again. Thanks cookiedog.

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justcallmetoni December 29, 2007

We really enjoyed this and I will definitely make my eggs this way again. Loved the simplicity and the flavor of the sauce. I even forgot the cheese and it was still really good. Next time I need to make a bigger batch - but having one layer of potatoes across the bottom of the skillet was just right. Thanks for posting!

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pattikay in L.A. June 16, 2007
Spanish Egg Tortilla