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I didn't make this exactly as described so that may be why I thought it was fine but not great. I omitted the water because I used a 28 oz can of tomatoes. I used red wine vinegar because I didn't have sherry vinegar, but I wish that I had added some real sherry to boost the flavour and complement the saffron. I would probably cut down on the chickpeas next time or try to marinade or season them somehow; they didn't seem to absorb any of the flavours.

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fluffystew November 20, 2010

We all enjoyed this - 4 adults, 1 three yr old, although two of the adults wished there had been more of a "kick". I would use some other reviewers' advice next time and serve this over rice. I had no sherry vinegar, so used sherry. Also, I used crushed tomatoes instead of pureeing diced tomatoes. It was super fast and easy to make.

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Linky May 15, 2011

Great flavors, good mix of ingredients, and generally healthy to boot. I sauted the onion along with the chorizo and garlic. I had to cook my chicken longer than the time called for, Probably because the breasts were quite thick, but that wasn't really a problem. To serve, I cut the chicken into bite size pieces and mixed evertything up together. I'm not really sure the saffron added that much exra to the dish, so if you don't have any, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Thanks for sharing this; it was well liked by my meatatarian husband and myself.

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tara portee September 16, 2009

This was a tasty, easy to prepare meal. I really liked the chicken/chorizo combination. Like Bekah's review, my husband did not care as much for the chickpeas and suggested I cut back next time, but I liked them. Thanks for posting!

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Dr. Jenny August 20, 2009

Very good dish! I served this over saffron rice, and the combination was heavenly. The aromas that waft when this is cooking makes it hard to resist. My huband didn't care for the chickpeas, but I did. Thanks!

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~Bekah~ June 08, 2009

omg, this is a wonderful savory dish! Magnifico! I'm not really much into chickpeas but this dish made me like it when blended with all these sauce ingredients. I even added more than a pinch of the Spanish saffron since we like it and didn't add salt and pepper at the last part since the seasoned chicken's enough. Since the thick sauce didn't fully cover the tasty chickens, they still retained a bit of the crisp outside when it was first cooked which was great. We also served this with choices of Classic Saffron Rice and Arroz Al Horno (Baked Spanish Rice). Almorzábamos magnífico! Muchas gracias! Made for ZWT5.

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Pneuma May 16, 2009

Delicious, and soooo easy. We made this one a family project, with great result. Made for ZWT5, used all of the listed ingredients, with the exception of the sherry vinegar. (Found out that we ran out!!) Used red wine vinegar instead. The combination of the tomatoes, chicken and chorizo sausage is unique and wonderful, and the chickpeas add both flavor and thickness to the sauce. The smell of the thyme and garlic makes it hard to wait until the chicken is done, and the color given by the tomatoes and saffron are lovely. My family would definitely eat this one again!!

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Yogachef May 12, 2009
Spanish Chicken With Chorizo and Chickpeas