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After reading all the fabulous reviews, I expected a bit more from this dish. I found that the chicken lacked flavour. The rice mixture was tasty, and I may make that part of the recipe again. I just didn't find the "kick" in this recipe with the chicken.

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Graybert August 13, 2002

I followed this recipe exactly and unfortunately this dish did not turn out as I had expected. I cooked it for the 45 minutes as indicated, but the rice was still not cooked, so I added almost another 30 minutes of cooking time. But even with the extra cooking time, some of the rice was still crunchy, not fully cooked. The flavor was ok. If I decide to give this recipe another try, I would definately add additional seasonings to the chicken to give it more flavor.

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Mrs. DJ August 19, 2002

I'm not rating this recipe because I only took ideas from it and incorporated two other recipes to make my own recipe. I give this a 5 star rating on concept, prep work, etc. Since I didn't use all the same ingredients, I can't rate it for flavor. I followed the instructions, but instead of salsa, I used finely chopped onions. Instead of the corn, I used chopped green chilis. I also added cumin to the rice mix and changed how I seasoned the chicken. I marinated the chicken in a lime/cumin/garlic marinade for about an hour. Once I mixed the rice concoction together and placed the chicken breasts on top, I scooped about 8 teaspoons for the marinade and poured it over the chicken and rice mixture. I then baked it as instructed. The rice was too die for, but the chicken lacked in flavor and moistness. Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

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Trixyinaz August 30, 2002

This was very good and so easy to prepare. I was a bit distracted while making this, so I ended up using the entire jar of hot salsa instead of just one cup, so I skipped the water. I also used the juice from the corn (wasn't sure if I was supposed to drain it or not)and added a bit more rice and chili powder and some crushed garlic. I cut the chicken into bite-size pieces and mixed ALL the ingredients together (it didn't look that great). Then I poured it all into the shallow baking dish and covered, I stirred it halfway through baking (it was still a bit watery, but the rice eventually soaked up the extra liquid by the time it was done cooking) and added the rest of the cheese on top. Smelled and tasted great, BF was hesitant since he saw the "before" but once he smelled and tasted it, we knew it was a keeper.

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J e l i s a August 02, 2002

This is one of the quickest and easiest recipes ever and so tasty!! I used basmati rice and soaked it first in hot water then mixed everything together. This is definitely one that is going to be prepared again and again!

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Angela Sara June 26, 2002

I'm really sorry to give this recipe such a low rating, but I followed the recipe exactly and after 1 hour of baking it was still very watery and not done cooking. I put it in for another 30 minutes and the rice was still crunchy. I checked my oven tempeature and it's correct, so that's not a problem. I was so looking forward to tasting this recipe, but I had to throw it out and go out for dinner. I will try it again and if goes better I will resind my 2 star rating. I really wanted to give it more stars , but in good faith I can not. Sorry.

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nnreq September 04, 2002

It tastes quite good but not that kind of making me saying delicious again and again. I used the mild salsa. I didn't use this sauce before. I worried that I cannot stand its spicy taste and so I chose the mild one. I must use at least medium one next time because the mild one is totally not spicy. I think this dish should be more spicy.

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Rita Wu August 15, 2002

This was OK. After all the rave reviews, I expected it to be spectacular. It just seemed that something was missing. Not bad, just not what I expected.

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gdeniseg July 26, 2002

This was very easy to prepare and very good. I really loved the rice mixture. I could just eat that without the chicken. The chicken was moist and tasty. I will be making this again.

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Shari2 July 16, 2002

My latest new project is adapting recipes to be able to cook in a crockpot. This recipe was a delicious breeze! I used the 99% Fat Free Cream of Chicken, added about 1/2 cup more water and 1/2 cup more salsa, and diced the chicken up into bite size pieces. I dumped everthing into my crockpot last night and put it in the fridge. This morning I simply took it out of the fridge and put the crockpot on low. The aromas that greeted me upon my arrival this afternoon were delightful and the dish turned out spectacular. It resembled a thick stew. I ladeled helpings into a dish and topped with shredded cheese and chopped green onions. The family devoured it!

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Amanda Harper August 26, 2002
Spanish Chicken & Rice Bake