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this was soo good! i have made other recipes like this but never with the parm cheese it really adds great flavor! thanks bergy!!

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polly salama March 04, 2002

excellent. i layered about 7 sheets on bottom and about 10 on top. the more phyllo the better. i added garlic to the onions. and didnt have any cottage curd so i used a cup and a half of feta.
i strained the spinach after i cooked it.
bf said it was the best he has had and he is greek!

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10cups November 23, 2010

YAY!!! I loved this...so much better than the spinach pie you get at the dinner, lighter and crispier...the fresh spinach really makes a big difference!! My first time working with phyllo pastry and a great introduction - so straight forward and what I had thought was going to be difficult was quite easy...AND YUMMY :) The only thing I did other than stated was to add fresh chopped garlic (a MUST in most recipes in my house...) ...it is hearty, healthy and filling... also wonderful toasted up (rewarmed) as leftovers...this brought me back to my days just after college when my landlady owned a Greek Restaurant and brought me over her dishes occasionally -(usually as a bribe of some sort...after my apartment had flooded or something (LOL)...food ='s love :) ) I am so happy to be able to make something so good myself now - THANKS Bergy

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free-free October 17, 2007

Fantastic! I really liked the flavors, especially the surprising taste of the parsley. I was very careful to remove as much water from the spinach as possible, but once I added the salt and pepper, cheeses, and eggs, there it was again! I hoped the eggs would be enough for the filling to set and it was. DH wanted more phyllo, but what does he know?

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threeovens September 23, 2010

Loved this! I used dill and some ricotta because I couldn't find the dry curd cheese. I also used two cloves ofgarlic as sugested in one of the reviews and that just sent the spinach filling over the top! The phyllo was a lot more manageable than I had anticipated, and like my phyllo instructions said, be organized. It was well worth the effort and I will be making this again. Thanks for a super recipe!

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Stefanie #3 April 11, 2008

Absolutely The BEST! I made a smaller version in 6 inch round dish. All these ingredients combined to perfection. I will definetly make again.

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Chef Moose September 28, 2004

This was an awesome recipe. After my husband and I moved away from the city to basically nowhere, I knew I'd have to start making all the various ethnic dishes I love so much instead of buying them. This one was at the top of my list and turned out perfect. Just what I needed :) Thanks

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Lisa Carr May 04, 2003
Spanakopita, Spinach Pie