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excellent! the only thing I did different is melt butter in the olive oil when painting the filo sheets. it gives it a much better taste and texture in the end. thanks for a really great and easy recipe for Spanakopita! (Oh yes - I did use frozen spinach instead of fresh too - I let it thaw and squeeze the heck out of it to get all the water out before using)

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ironchefmarcya March 30, 2010

Delicious! My boyfriend said this spanakopita took my cooking skills to a whole new level (I'm not the best cook :) The only baking pans I had were 8x8 so I thought I'd make two pies. It turned out fine but I like much more filling in spanakopita so I think next time I'll make the recipe as stated but use it to make one 8x8 pie. I also used less than half of the phyllo and thought it was plenty, just personal preference. I will also use frozen spinach next time as it took forever to clean all the dirt off and trim the fresh spinach. Thanks for the great recipe!!

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Keee August 01, 2010

This was simply Amazing. I work in a Steel stamping plant where it's not unusual to be a bit nervous at times, but nothing like the apprehension I was about to experience in our kitchen. I'm going to make Spanakopita I asked myself? Like why? Why not phone for a pizza? Well, don't think I'll be ordering pizza for a while.

This turned out perfect and although I've never worked with phyllo I have tucked my children into bed at night. Kinda the same thing I thought. Little bit of care and it workes itself out.

Leeks are a nice touch, don't leave them out, and the dill sure adds a lovely flavor when combined with spinach.

Thanks Evelyn, I'm no longer a phyllo virgin along with so many others here that tried this recipe.

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gary7 July 20, 2010

This is THE BEST spanakopita!!!! I can't say enough about it. I have made this over and over. People that have never liked spanakopita before love mine. Thanks sooo much for sharing

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dwedell January 13, 2010

This recipe is great! It is the definition of spanakopita. We love spanakopita and this is everything that we hope for in one. I used frozen spinach, a yellow onion (really do not like cooked red), and scallions (could not find spring, apparently little difference). I also used 8oz feta, finely crumbled to distribute, 1/2t salt, and no more than 1/8t pepper. The salt and pepper were really just lucky guesses. I added them during cooking. I tasted a bite with a dash of nutmeg and I think I would add about 1/8t -1/4t during cooking to the entire batch, because it works with spinach. This made a lot: one 9in pie pan, one 7x11in pan, and 4 small "triangles". I also used homemade phyllo, which is actually very easy. Thank you so very much.

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FunCook July 15, 2016

Fantastic recipe! This will be my go to Spanakopita recipe from now on. Thank you for sharing.

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Anonymous September 29, 2015

A perfect spanakopita - just like my Greek yiayia used to make. And I used to think it was difficult!

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ithaki September 07, 2015

This is AMAZING and simple... I pre-made the spinach mixture with out the feta, egg, and garlic. I refrigerated it over night. It was easy to assemble the next day! Would be great for an appetizer for a dinner party. Thanks for posting.

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LilMissMolly July 21, 2014

Took this to a Greek-themed party and people raved! It was sitting behind a bakery version made in lovely, fancy swirls, and mine won the taste-test hands down!<br/>Since spinach isn't sold in lbs here, I guessed and bought two large plastic tubs of baby spinach. It, naturally, cooked way down, and felt a little shy, so I added a few minced kale leaves. <br/>I also couldn't find fresh dill in Ottawa in February, so used a couple of generous tablespoons of dried dill.<br/>Working with phyllo is always a bit of a patience lesson. I'm thinking next time of using an oil sprayer rather than brushing it on, in the interest of speed and keeping the bottom a touch less oily.

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Patrice S. February 22, 2014

Very good recipe. I added cottage cheese, 1/4 pound to enhance fluffiness of filling, and added mushrooms and quinoa to enhance nutritional content.

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bicycler January 30, 2013
Spanakopita (Greek Spinach Pie)