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We liked this recipe. I used 4 eggs and 1 cup eggbeaters. I also used low fat feta cheese. I had no green onions so used regular sweet onions, nutmeg and dill. The feta had basil in it. I used low fat ricotta cheese so it was a little less calories than listed. We will have this again. Thanks for a very tasty recipe. Carole in Orlando

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carole in orlando April 18, 2013

Thanks ... I also love spanakopita but wanted something less carb-y. This is delicious! Cottage cheese also works in place of the ricotta.

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coconutty December 23, 2009

We had spanakopita appetizers at our wedding, and this recipe brought back memories of that for me (even though I hardly got to eat a bite of ANYTHING at our wedding!). This recipe was super easy to make, and tasted good too! I used one 10 oz. package of frozed chopped spinach that I had thawed and drained, and that made it much easier. I wasn't sure how much "2 bunches" of green onions were, so I used the green and white parts of 4 green onions, and it worked great. I served this with flaky buttermilk biscuits. My husband liked it, which means I will probably make it again someday! :) Made for PAC Spring 2009.

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Greeny4444 March 29, 2009

This was wonderful! I've been recently diagnosed with diabetes, so a filo-laden dish is now out of the question; this really does fill the bill! I didn't have a 9x9 casserole, so used an 8x11 one instead, which worked fine.

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l'ecole May 17, 2015
Spanakopita Casserole