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This recipe is authentic -- it uses mostly feta and parmesan and doesn't rely on ricotta or other filler cheeses. The taste took me back to Greektown. I took my first batch to a party and everyone asked for the recipe. I froze (Before baking) the second batch and have been reheating a few triangles here and there for a snack for myself and my toddler. What more could you ask for? An impressive appetizer AND a healthy, toddler approved finger food. Note: Fresh is better, but a well-drained, 10 oz pack of frozen spinach will do in a pinch.

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Claire #3 January 02, 2003

I often make Spanakopita and I love this recipe. I like to make ahead and freeze - This recipe freezes well

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Bergy August 16, 2010

This tasted more like a quiche pocket than spanakopita to me. But I like quiche, so it worked. My family did feel that it was a bit too "eggy", but still irresistably delicious! I would advise practicing on a batch before serving this at a party. The first few were not as pretty or as tasty as the last few. So it could all be user error on the egginess, but over all a very good recipe that we will make many times in the future.

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amensista May 30, 2010

I don't think I can rate this, as I just used this as a guide and made a "pie" using the phillo dough to wrap the whole pie and not each individual piece. I did add dill and would recommend that. Mine turned out too minty, but this might be my fault I don't remember how much I used. But I think this is an excellent template for playing around with spanakopita or for making exact measurements, though I used an 800g bag of frozen spinach and felt that the recipe called for too much cheese, even for that much spinach...

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Food Snob in Israel September 09, 2007

Awesome, Perfect, delicious!!! Such simple ingredients and technique. I wondered if 2 layers of phyllo would be enough, and it was just right. The spinach mixture was so good (did not need any salt, the feta was quite salty enough) and the whole family is just really pleased. Thank you soooo much. Yummy yum yum.

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Fragilethunder February 28, 2006

I'm certainly no expert, but this was the best Spanakopita I've ever tried. Very tasty and moist filling surrounded by crispy, flaky pastry. The mint in it was wonderful! For those working in metric, I used 230g of creamy fetta cheese, 350g (just short of 1 1/2 250g packs) of frozen spinach, thawed and squeezed and 200g of melted butter. I used ordinary, salted butter and added 1/2 teaspoon of pepper and a scant 1/4 teaspoon of salt. Unfortunately, I misread the instructions and cut the filo pastry crosswise rather than lengthwise, so I ended up with 15 larger triangles rather than 30 small ones, but no matter - it all worked out in the end and tasted great. I cooked all the triangles and cooled, then froze the leftovers in zip lock bags to reheat in the oven (from frozen) later.

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Kookaburra July 10, 2005