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This was the most delicious spanokopitta I've ever tasted, and I've tasted alot. I was amazed how much the lemon juice and the dill brightened the flavor of the spinach mixture. My husband and I decided it's better than the spinach pita we get at the annual Greek Festival here in town. It really is! (But don't tell all the little old Greek ladies that make it, lol) My only problem was with the phyllo. I had a defective box. :0 All the sheets were split down the middle, and stuck together in the same spot. I had one heck of a time! But if you follow canarygirl's instuctions that s'kat mentions above, you can do it! Even with my phyllo a mess, I was able to patch up spots by brushing melted butter, and "glueing" on smaller pieces. And with all the mess that I made, it looked perfect out of the oven! It's all crackly after baking anyway, so mistakes just don't show. I will make this again, and I won't flip out if I have trouble with the phyllo, and anyone that wants to make this shouldn't, either. Great recipe cg-thanks! Oh! I only had a 9" springform pan, so it was not as tall as in the pic above, but still tasty--just bake for 25-30 minutes. canarygirl told me that when the phyllo is golden brown, it's done. :)

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ciao June 10, 2003

I made the individual packets and the instructions and pictures from 'the class' were easy to follow. I was able to get 20 packets. I froze them and baked them later. My problem was that 3 of the 4 people having these found out that they don't like feta cheese (and I didn't use the entire amount listed) and therefore, didn't finish them. Luckily, the other person really liked them and got the remaining 15 packets to take home. For us, a different filling may work better.

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Ducky May 26, 2003

Excellent! I found the flavor of this recipe to be so delicious and I even messed it up in 2 ways, well one was not really a mess up but I was out of black pepper so i used cayenne, and I forgot the lemon and it was still SO delicious, I am eating the last piece as i type this and I am going out to buy the things to make it again to share with people I work with as 2 days in a row I tortured them by taking it for lunchQ I found the recipe to be very easy and it was alot of fun and the taste mmmmmmm. Thanks cg great work!

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Donna May 14, 2003

I made these and they were terrific! The phyllo was light and flaky, and the mixture of spinach, feta, lemon and spices for the filling was OUTSTANDING. Phyllo can be scary, but canarygirl gives great tips in her cooking class thread. So all of your with phyllo phobias, give this one a try. I'm sure you'll love it!!

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Kozmic Blues May 14, 2003

These were great! I made them with canarygirl's help during her Spanakopitta class (http://www.recipezaar.com/bb/viewtopic.zsp?t=34753). The pictures made it a breeze. I made the individual packets, and found that phyllo isn't really as scary as one would think to work with. Sure, I had a few tears, but a little butter and some extra dough, and everything looked great. These are going into regular rotation. Thanks so much!

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s'kat May 12, 2003

So yummy and very easy to make! Halved the recipe and used fresh baby spinach and it turned out perfect. Baked in two single jumbo muffin tins (not the pan with six muffin cups). Lined the two tins with four half pieces of phyllo after cutting entire phyllo package down the middle. Sprayed tin with olive oil spray, then sprayed each of the four half pieces after lining tin (let extra hang over sides). Filled to the top of tin with filling then just folded the extra over top and sprayed the entire thing and baked. After cooling, just popped the entire thing out and served with tzatziki on the side. A-mazing! Thank you canarygirl, this recipe is a definite keeper! =)

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sugarfreak June 23, 2011

Awesome recipe!!! I made it in a casserole dish as shown in the photo and it worked great. I used nonstick spray in between the phyllo sheets and that was much quicker and so easy! My husband is Lebanese so I added 1/3 cup cooked rice and 1 teaspoon cinnamon to the mixture to make it a little more Middle Eastern versus Greek, but otherwise followed the recipe as is. This mixture would also be great in rolled grape or cabbage leaves. Delicious!!

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davidkellyjoslyn February 23, 2010

This is an amazingly easy and delicious recipe and I love it - made it several times now and can't recommend it highly enough. I add a large handful of chopped coriander to it which tastes lovely. Thanks Canarygirl.

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MiAuCa January 15, 2010

This was great and easy. I had never worked with phyllo dough before but it was easy and forgiving. I made 2 8x8 pans for an appetizer party. One thing I am glad I researched was to precut the slices before baking. It only took about 20 mins b/c mine were thin.

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Chef rmshill January 03, 2010

Perfect! I will use this incredible recipe for life. To me this was the best spanakopita I have ever eaten.Thank you so much Canarygirl.

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Doelee July 06, 2009