Spaghetti With Smoked Salmon and Mascarpone

READY IN: 30mins
Recipe by dani2828

This is an impressive-looking yet quick recipe. Extremely yummie both in its full-fat and low-fat versions. I'll post the full-fat version and incude low-fat suggestions in the description. No matter which version you decide on, I'm sure you'll love it!! Great for a romantic dinner or to impress guests. One more thing: if you go for the full-fat version you'll only need tiny portions because it's very heavy.

Top Review by Soobeeoz

This was quick and easy to make, and we liked the sauce. Next time I'd toss the salmon pieces through the sauce during the last minute of cooking, rather than placing them on top. I used rocket, but think I'd have preferred parsley or even dill. If I were to use rocket again I'd either toss the leaves through the sauce before serving to soften them a bit, or shred them rather than just rip them into pieces as I did. Additional comment: My SO had the leftovers for lunch and thought it tasted far nicer with everything heated through. I will make it again soon, and post a rating.


  1. Chop spring onions and fry in butter.
  2. Medium heat; add mascarpone and sour cream (low-fat version: replace with low-fat cream cheese and low-fat sour cream). Wait until it has melted and add mustard, salt, pepper, orange zest and juice (the amount of juice required varies; try it first with 1/2 orange, and add more if you want). Low heat, do not boil.
  3. Cook the spaghetti (angel hair is also delicious), and meanwhile pull the salmon in small pieces. Retain a bit of spaghetti-water.
  4. Immediately add the pasta to the sauce; you might need to add a bit of pasta-water.
  5. Put pasta on plates and sprinkle salmon and rocket on top.

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