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I loved this but my husband was less enthusiastic. I like spaghetti squash much more than my husband does, so it's not surprising. I think next time I'll add some other spices besides salt & pepper, perhaps some Italian spices.

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Jessie MacMillan January 20, 2008

This was excellent, I love spaghetti squash. Also prepared this substituting french cut frozen green beans for the squash, which also turned out great. Thank you for sharing.

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L DJ April 11, 2007

This was just delicious and we loved the way the squash and custard came together in this casserole which was the main dish in our meatless meal. The result is creamy and comforting with nice bites of crunchy vegetables that add texture as well as flavor. Skipped the breadcrumbs to keep this consistent with the WW Core program. We topped the served wedges with some salsa and enjoyed a salad on the side. Having some dairy issues of late so my version used soy cheddar shreads and soymilk (the sour cream was non-fat but real dairy). My one and only "issue", and it was minor, was that mine was baked at 375 (other things in the oven) for 35 minutes and still had a bit of liquid at the bottom, but not enough to have prevented us from cutting wedges. Thinking another 5 minutes would have worked. Will also need to keep liquidity in mind as I consider other variations. My next attempt will be a cross between this dish and Spaghetti Squash "carbonara" (Diabetic). Other ideas include some soy sausage crumbles and marinara on the side, or maybe olives sun dried tomatoes and mozzarella shreads. Ohh, the possibilities are endless. Update: Wanted to add that I had the leftovers today and they were even better than dinner. The custard really thickened up and the flavors popped even more. Even at room temperature it was fantastic. Thanks.

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justcallmetoni February 13, 2007
Spaghetti Squash Casserole