Total Time
Prep 30 mins
Cook 30 mins

Wonderful easy recipe with a twist on spaghetti. You can make this ahead of time and bake when you get home, and I have had success freezing and baking later.


  1. Smear some butter around a pie dish to make sure that dinner doesn’t stick.
  2. Break pasta in ½, and boil it. (set aside).
  3. Beat eggs and add Grated Parmesan Cheese…mix with pasta when pasta is still hot.
  4. Form the pasta/egg/cheese mixture and press into a pie dish.
  5. Sauté the onions and garlic in a pan with butter. Once this is done, take it off of the stove, let it cool a bit and fold in the sour cream.
  6. Add this to the pasta in the pie dish.
  7. Brown the Sausage in a pan (drain the fat).
  8. Add the tomato paste and water to the meat and mix on the stove until it becomes a sauce.
  9. Add this to the pie dish (it should be the top layer).
  10. Bake at 350 degrees for 25 min, remove from the oven, add the mozzarella cheese to the top and put back in the oven for 5 minute.
Most Helpful

We have made this at least 5 times and never had any problems with leftovers going uneaten. We added Italian spices and crushed red pepper flakes to the meat sauce for a lil' more kick.Thank you for the wonderful recipe!

DaddyChef75 August 13, 2009

Good stuff! Made it tonight - will make again. Added basil and oregano to tomato sauce. Had to cook it longer because I prepared it in the AM and cooked in the PM. Next time I will let it sit for about 10 minutes before cutting

pvquilt April 18, 2009

Made this last night and it was a huge hit with the family. The sour cream was a great addition to the pie. When making the sauce I added more salt, some oregano and thyme to taste. Also, instead of a total of 1/2 lb of sausage, I used 1lb and it was really satisfying. This one is a keeper.

ErinK February 06, 2009