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I'll just need to leave a comment as the recipe didn't really work like I think it was supposed to. The first problem was DH, who did my shopping, brought home a cucumber instead of a zucchini. I didn't think the cucumber would hold up while cooking so I used some broccoli I had on hand. I don't know that the veggie switch was what started the chain of events or not, but nothing really went right after that. I measured the veggies with a kitchen scale but only used half the amounts. I used my 3 inch deep 14 inch skillet & it was almost too full to stir with only half the called for veggies & the spaghetti. When I got to the egg & milk mixture it completely disappeared into the bottom of the pan. Most of the veggies & noodles weren't even touching the egg mixture & weren't coming together like I expected them to. About 10 minutes in there was still no need to cut through the veggies to distribute the egg & they still weren't holding together to flip so I made a second batch of egg & milk mixture (now 8 eggs total) & poured that in. I turned up the heat to medium for a while. Another 10 minutes & we had very wet scrambled eggs with loose spaghetti & veggies. By this time I couldn't even lift my pan so DH was holding it at an angle & I soaked 6 paper towels with watery liquid in the pan. Once we got the water out we were able to get the eggs to set up a little, but never into anything resembling an omellete. In the end we could have fed 6-8 people with only half the recipe of veggies & noodles & the overal flavor was very bland. Pretty much just carrot & broccoli were the only flavors. We all ate it with something different: ketchup, teriyaki sauce, horseradish & salsa. I wish I knew just what went wrong as I'd be more likely to try it again in the future. Thanks for sharing, Bea! :) Made for the Spring 2009 Pick A Chef Orphanage.

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**Tinkerbell** April 27, 2009
Spaghetti – Omelette