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If you like pickled gherkins try adding two, I zap mine in the food processor first. And up the cheese an extra 1/2 a cup (I use parmesan for the extra). This was Ruby's idea as she has decided she loves gherkins and now I will always make them like this! Yum! Also Baked Beans turn out great too.

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Jewelies July 21, 2012

What an easy and tasty recipe!
I thought I had cheese left, but did not have the full quantity needed so I added some parmesan as well. I must admit this recipe would lend itself to all kinds of added ingredients, next time I might add some ham............yummy!
I made these about 2 hours ago, and have already eaten over half, I know I don't need more, but I cant stop myself........................They are so YUMMY!
Thanks for sharing Jan.

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Tisme September 22, 2012

have made these a few times now. I added 3/4 cup SR flour, and sprinkled the top with cooked bacon. wonderful! the flour helps keep the shape, and stops them from sticking too much. I am looking forward to trying others things too, like a little curry powder? thanks Jan

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mummamills October 03, 2012
Spaghetti Muffins