Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 20 mins

This recipe is my personal favorite. I always do it ahead, store in the freezer, and heat it up and just pour it in freshly cooked pasta! I've been preparing this pasta dish since my kids were in grade school. Now that all three of them are in college, it's still a mainstay in my weekly menu!

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  1. Fry bacon in nonstick pan until fat is rendered. Set aside the bacon (discard the bacon fat if you don't want to mix this). At the same pan put the butter, add the mushrooms, then mix the heavy cream , evaporated milk , and beef cubes. Reduce the heat. Season with salt & pepper. Thicken the mixture with cornstarch mixed in water. Your sauce is ready once you get your desired consistency.
  2. Boil the pasta accdg to package directions ( "al dente" is preferred). (for al dente pasta, boil it for exactly 10 minutes while stirring). Important: when pasta is done, put it in a strainer, and do not rinse in running water. Just stir a little butter to separate the strands.
  3. Now, you may mix the pasta & the prepared sauce,.
  4. and top with parmesan cheese. This dish is perfect with garlic bread.